Top 3 Drivers

Sebastian LoebThe finest of drivers would include Sebastian Loeb who has won the highest number of world championships in the first decade of the 21st century.His nine world championship titles have amazed people, as has his determination to win.

While his innings have been relatively recent, many people consider him among the greatest rally drivers of all time. An injured leg at the 2006 competition could not deter him and he managed to win the title that year as well as many previous and subsequent years.

Colin McRaeColin McRae is also known for his grit and speed over the track not to mention the high octane action that would always be visible on the track whenever he would be participating. While his skill was never under question, many people felt he took too many risks on track.

Head on collisions with competing cars were almost a given when he participated in a race. His drive however, won him many fans. He was also known for his determination to win no matter what challenges the conditions presented.

Juha KankkunenJuha Kankkunen on the other hand won admiration during the 1980s for speed and the ability to handle a number of cars equally well, including the Toyota. He was also adept at the wheels of the Lancia, one of the top rally cars of its time.

His elegant moves and high speed won him admiration, and he has a relatively long career, spanning the later half of the 1980s and almost the entire 1990s.

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