Rally Types

Motorsport rally can be broadly divided into stage and road rallies. Stage rallies cover vast ground often on different terrains, be they forests or deserts. This type of sport is named after the stages that each team must complete, in the fasted time. These rallies require participation of a two driver team .


While one drives, The Other driver must take charge of navigation. Navigation is an important part of stage rallies but navigators don’t have much of a responsibility other than ensuring that the car is following the prescribed route. Car rallies usually depend on endurance, precision. The two types of World Rally Championships include TRD, or time speed distance, and Navigational.


Car rallies also include Rally Cross type, where driving skills are the main focus. Road rallies on the other hand are usually limited to highways ; arriving too early or too late at a checkpoint can lead to penalties . This also makes the navigator’s role very important. Not only must your team get to the checkpoint without losing their way, they must also arrive at a specified time. Therefore, there is need to plan the speed and route as well as ensuring that your car is heading the right way.


The most glamorous of all motorsports is perhaps circuit racing, where cars fly past each other on a designated race track to complete a number of runs around a race track. Formula 1 event popularised this type of motor sports. The drivers must first enter a qualifying round, and the one clocking the fastest completion of laps, gets to start the race from the place closest on the track.