Formula 1 Evolution

The formula one is among the most popular sports in the world, well known not only among motorsports enthusiasts but also the general public.


The F1 has evolved in plenty of ways. The cars have evolved, regulations have changed many times. Even the format and audiences have changed. The first Formula 1 Championship started in 1950.

The drivers numbered less than 80, and there were no more than seven competitions.

As of 2015, there are almost 20 races, and more than three times the number of drivers. Cars are faster often exceeding speeds of 200 miles per hour. Back in the 1950s it was possible for the very rich to buy a car, and participate as drivers.

From 1976 onward drivers were required to have a licence in order to participate in Formula 1 Championship.

The second major overhaul came when private cars were no longer allowed on to the track. Regulations have also dictated the design of racing cars.

Formula 1 Championship started in 1950-1969 cars

As a result, the cars participating in Formula 1 events have also changed much, as a result of natural technological evolution but also due to the diversity of regulatory norms. The race cars did not differ much from regular cars in the 1950s. in the 1960s, designers added wings to the sides, to make the car more streamlined and help reduce wind resistance.

By the early 1980s cars with carbon fibre bodies were in use, to make the car strong but lightweight. Engines have to small turbo type.

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