Car Inspired Movies

Movies related to car races have always found appreciative audiences, among people of all ages and I was nationalities. Short of the real thing, only movies (and video games) can bring to audiences a sense of what motorsports is all about. Some of the most famous thriller movies in last 15 years have revolved around cars and car chases.

Gone in 60 Seconds posterGone in 60 Seconds (2000)

People who love cars and movies are probably aware that the Eleanor Ford Mustang from the movie was recently sold for a cool one million dollars.The movie changed the fortunes of the car industry in some way, and must therefore find mention in any list of car race or car related movies. The premise of the movie revolved around ingenious car thief who has been forced out of retirement to get his younger brother out of the clutches of a crime gang. in order to do so, he must steal 50 expensive cars in span of a single night . Associates include Sara Wayland played by Angelina Jolie. He must also carry out his work before the police catches on to him, or a rival Gang of car thieves makes away with the expensive payload before him. This movie was a more successful remake of an earlier movie, released in 1974.

Transporter Movie 2015Transporter 2015

The Transporter series of movies depended mainly on Jason Statham’s towering presence; however, the 2015 movie saw Ed Skrein in the main role. The car chase hinges around the main character having to associate reluctantly with group of women who are out get revenge on a gang of human traffickers. A former bounty hunter has to team with a group of women who have their own motives in tracking down a gang of traffickers. The bounty hunter’s father is kidnapped and he must help the kidnappers fulfil their desire for revenge. Part of the plot involved a bank robbery. Thrilling car chases also became one of the reasons for the movie’s popularity.

fast-and-furious-7-posterFast and Furious 7

Revenge is also a central theme in the movie Fast and Furious 7 where the lead character decides to avenge his brother’s injuries. This is currently the penultimate in the very successful Fast And Furious series of movies. Vin Diesel took the role of Dominic Toretto, while Paul Walker reprised his role as Brian o Conner and Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw. The movie will forever be known as Paul Walker’s last, who died midway through filming in a real life car accident. The film’s car chases, including one where the car speeds through treacherous mountains, only to move onto the top of a bus, and from there, into a suspenseful situation, makes this an all-time favourite among fans who love cars and movies.

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