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cars and motor sports. We wanted to have more people in on the thrills of car rallies. We also realised how little most people, barring a few ardent fans, know about car rallies and F1 championships. The world of motorsports is thrilling, and also, enchanting.

These pages will help you explore the world of motorsports, like a useful portal of information like – we cover all the motor sports and more!

Formula 1 fans


We have always been tinkering with cars and love to follow Formula 1 events. While attending events in person is not always possible, we love to collect information on these events. Over the years our collection of data, in form of articles, books, videos, et cetera has grown to be huge. Then we thought – why not share some of this knowledge. And so, this site was born.


Formula 1 events Lewis HamiltonThis is our endevour to help people connect with each other and also, with us. We welcome everyone who wants to know more about motor sports. We are constantly updating pages and bringing you the most relevant information. You don’t necessarily have to be brimming with know-how on the sport.

LuxuryCasino BannerYou can be a newcomer to the world of car racing, with no previous knowledge about it. Or maybe you are a fan of Lewis Hamilton and arrived here to find more information on him. Maybe you are a stats nerd, with detailed data on the sport, the cars, the routes, the drivers, and the desire to know more. Whatever your reasons, you are welcome to stay, learn, and discover.

We welcome feedback and suggestions. It is our goal to connect with people with interest in motor racing. We would like to create a community where participation is open to all. We would like to hear more about your interests, experiences, and knowledge regarding the sport.