About the Formula 1 Grand Prix

The Formula 1 Grand Prix formerly came into being in the early part of the 20th century. Back then it was an event open to all European nations and was not associated with Formula One. Grand Prix is essentially racing championship that takes place in a particular country.

Modern day Grand Prix events are named after the host country. The name Formula 1 came about much later in the 1950s. The first Grand Prix event took place on June 1906 had many first to its name.

Ferenc SziszHeld at Le Mans in France, the 1906 Grand Prix was aimed at car manufacturers.

Competing teams included brands such as Mercedes, Renault, Brasier, Fiat, and Itala. Ferenc Szisz from Hungary won, partly due to the superior design of his car tires, which enabled stops of only 5 minutes as compared to 15 minutes required by other teams.

Teams from various countries participated, with an entry limit of three cars per team.

The cars had to weigh less than 1000 kilograms and there were no restrictions regarding design and manufacturing.

Formula 1 Grand Prix Australia

Today, things have changed a lot and Grand Prix events take place all over the world.

As of 2015, the most popular Formula 1 Grand Prix championships continue to be the Bahrain Grand Prix, the Australian Grand Prix, the Monaco Grand Prix, and Grand Prix events in Canada, Belgium, Mexico, UK, Japan, United States and AbuDhabi.

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